Flats for Sale in Lahore

In the last several years, the quantity of flats for sale in Lahore has rapidly grown.

The booming popularity of high-rise residential structures reveals the major shift in culture among those living in the city. Flats-living has become a trend in cities with large populations not too long ago. But, Lahore remained more or more numb to this new trend until the last few years.

The past was when people preferred to reside in a sprawling, detached house designed to meet their requirements acquired land. However, the increasing number of apartments shows that more people want to live in flats in Lahore.

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Flats for sale in Lahore

Why are flats for sale in Lahore in high demand?

There are numerous advantages to living in a flat instead of a home. Naturally, certain factors could have contributed to the development of the lifestyle of flats in Lahore.

A few of the advantages of flats for sale in Lahore are as follows:

  1. Growing Population
  2. Cost
  3. Social life
  4. Security
  5. Maintenance

Let’s have a look at one.

Population growing

Like in the entire nation of the United States, the people in Lahore have seen an enormous increase. The Lahore population has nearly tripled from 6.3 million in the 1998 census to 11.12 million as of the 2017 census. Many of this is due to people from all over the country migrating to the city to get better jobs and educational opportunities. But, the city’s boundaries haven’t been stretched enough to allow for its population growth.

Over-populated cities usually address the issue by taking a vertical approach, precisely the way Lahore appears to do. In a resemblance to Karachi’s books, a heavily urbanized city is brimming with tall buildings and residential towers, developers in Lahore and the housing policymakers resorted to building one apartment building after the other to meet the growing need for houses.

So, in just a few years, Lahore changed from being the “City of Gardens” to a concrete landscape.

Cost of flats for sale in Lahore

The rapid rise in the cost of real estate is the second biggest reason responsible for the rising demand of flats for sale in Lahore. In addition, the fact that being a resident inside a flat in a complex is cheaper, and you will save money on utility bills as well as the cost of rent per month.

As per buying trend, a luxurious three-bedroom house costs 90 lakh or PKR 3.8 crore, on average.

A home in Lahore can save you lots of money on electric and gas bills. It is much more efficient to chill down and warm in a smaller space; it is necessary to operate your heaters and air conditioners for a much shorter time.


The strength of a group is in its numbers, and that’s most likely the most significant benefit of living in a community. Because people living in flats are aware of what’s happening in the next block, it will be tricky for thieves to get into and out of the building without being observed.

While security is not always guaranteed, as those who live in apartments will have experienced plenty of problems. A residential property with more than a dozen families is safer than a home with four people. Furthermore, the more secure the apartment is located within a property, the less likely it will be damaged.

Furthermore, many flats for sale in Lahore include the boundary wall and security guards at the entry point. It is a more secure place for kids to play and play. If you reside in the house, and there’s no playground in the area, kids have no choice but to play in the street. It can be pretty risky, but it’s not a good idea.


Another aspect that may be a factor in the changing flat culture of Lahore is the ongoing maintenance of these units. Between work, school, and other obligations, people don’t have the time to spend in their homes with families. In this scenario, it is nearly impossible to devote time to maintaining the house.

Flats are more manageable than houses. Initially, they don’t have backyards or front gardens that you can tend to, which could be a bit of a drawback for those who love gardening. However, you can begin with your garden vertically to make the most of your space.

The second reason is that most property owners require a specific maintenance charge for residents. You should phone them and request them to deal with any plumbing or electrical wiring issue you may face.

Additionally, because flats tend to be smaller, they’re also cleaner. Also, you don’t need to fret about painting or maintaining your exterior walls, and it’s the responsibility that the owner of the house to take care of the walls.

There are advantages and disadvantages of living in flats. However, the rise in demand for flats for sale in Lahore proves that the young generation is going for a different lifestyle than their predecessors.

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The following projects are on offer regarding flats for sale in Lahore. The projects locations are prime in Lahore, and you can find complete details along with payment plans by clicking the project link.

  1. Autograph Lahore
  2. Skyscraper Lahore
  3. 101 Residential Apartments Lahore
  4. Al Hayat Residencia Lahore
  5. LV Heights Lahore
  6. Swiss Mall Lahore
  7. DB 32 Lahore
  8. Gulberg City Centre Lahore
  9. Parkhouse Apartments Lahore
  10. One VH Lahore
  11. Defence View Apartments Lahore
  12. Pearl One Residences Lahore
  13. Pace Circle Lahore
  14. Amanah Noor Residence Lahore
  15. JSM Heights Lahore
  16. Urban Premium Residence Lahore
  17. Tower 18 Lahore
  18. Residence 15 Lahore

High rise project by Orbit Developers

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  1. Springs Apartments Lahore
  2. Springs Atrium Lahore
  3. Springs Gaddafi Lahore

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Types of Luxury flats for sale in Lahore, Pakistan

Following are different types of flats for sale in Lahore.

  1. BHK Flats (Bedroom Hall, and Kitchen)
  2. 1 Bed flats
  3. Two-bed flats
  4. 3 Bed flats
  5. Studio flats
  6. Suites
  7. Penthouses

Let me give you more specifics about the various types of flats one at a time.

BHK Flat

The BHK complete form of the word is the kitchen, bedroom and hall. It’s used to represent the number of rooms inside the house. For instance, 2BHK refers to the property comprised of two bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen. A 1 BHK property means the house has one bedroom, a hall and a kitchen. 3BHK is the equivalent of three bedrooms with a hall and one kitchen inside the house.

BHK flats for sale in Lahore

Studio Flat

studio flat  is built around one space that looks more like a communal space. It has a living space, kitchen or study area, and your bedroom, all within a single space. You may design your own open or split floor plan for studio flats in Pakistan according to your needs.

The open floor plan is ideal for smaller residences in Pakistan because it can make the home appear more prominent. However, broken plans in studio flats in Pakistan prefer those who want privacy. Studio flats’ size, situated in Lahore, Pakistan, is usually between 500 and 700 square feet. Many building owners construct studio apartments on the mezzanine level in their buildings.

Studio Flats for sale in Lahore

One Bedroom Flats

As the name implies, one-bedroom apartments are typically dwelling units based on one bedroom. Contrary to studio apartments, one-bedroom flats in Lahore, Pakistan, aren’t based on open floor plans but instead are separated into various rooms. They have a single bedroom, a separate living area, and a kitchen with bathrooms, 1-bedroom apartments in Pakistan are perfect for bachelors.

Modern one-bedroom apartments are constructed using the maximum amount of space. The design of these apartments usually includes balconies. The area of 1-bedroom apartment units in Pakistan is identical to studio apartments, which are about 500-700 sq feet.

Two Bedroom Flats 

As one of the most sought-after flats, two-bedroom flats in Pakistan generally include two separate bedrooms. They add square footage to homeowners and are perfect for families with small children. Modern 2-bedroom flats in Pakistan typically have one or even two bathrooms attached to bedrooms that provide privacy.

The kitchen could be separate from or connected to the living space and separated by a counter. The area of two-bedroom apartments in Pakistan is typically between 800 sq feet to 1200 sq feet.

Three Bedroom flats

We are moving towards the more significant types of apartments in Lahore, Pakistan. Three-bedroom apartments in Pakistan are usually considered luxurious flats, usually located in modern buildings. Three-bedroom flats in Lahore, Pakistan, are spacious houses with three bedrooms, a separate kitchen, a living area, and often three or more bathrooms.

You can also find free-standing kitchen cabinets in a three-bedroom flats. The area of three-bedroom flats in Pakistan typically starts at 1000 sq ft and usually increases to 1400 sq feet.

Penthouses stand out from all different types of apartments found in Pakistan. In terms of architectural design, “penthouse” refers to an apartment situated on top of a building. There’s a wide variety of penthouses in Karachi, most of them in the city’s latest apartments. Penthouses in Pakistan typically have more than one floor. Terraces in an apartment occupy them; they offer absolute privacy for the residents.


Suites are bigger spaces. It is usually a separate bathroom and living space and is often equipped with a dining room. Imagine it as an apartment-style living space ranging from 400 square feet to 3000 square feet or more.

Flats for sale in Lahore

Penthouses for sale in Lahore

Penthouses available for sale in Lahore, Pakistan, have been considered luxurious apartments. Including luxury features such as swimming pools and a separate terrace area with private access to elevators is an excellent illustration in this respect. These are the most sought-after styles of apartments in Pakistan for those seeking a bungalow-like living in the confines of a flat. There could be as many as five rooms in the penthouse according to the size. The dimensions of penthouse flats in Lahore, Pakistan, are usually approximately 1200-2000 sq feet.

Flats for sale in Lahore

What makes Lahore an excellent place to live

In addition to several historical and cultural landmarks, the megacity is considered Pakistan’s cultural capital. You can select a flat in Lahore according to your budget and needs. Flats for sale in Lahore have a high rental yield, and you can generate satisfactory revenue from your investment. In addition, flats in Lahore are also reasonably priced compared to other megacities of the city.

Lahore’s vertical living

Urban housing problems are viewed as being solved by vertical growth. It seeks to approach the phenomenon of flat living from multiple perspectives in Lahore, Pakistan. As the primary focus of the research was to evaluate the satisfaction and favorability of vertical living among dwellers, it was extended to include the in-depth experience of adolescents regarding privacy, as this age group was being neglected severely in both flats distribution and research. 

A survey was conducted with 150 respondents, and ten adolescents were interviewed to explore notions of privacy. Even though the residents are satisfied with the infrastructural aspects of the building, vertical living is not preferred. As with flats, adolescents prefer horizontal housing over vertical living to avoid the feeling of crowdedness associated with vertical growth. 

It is believed that the use of spaces within flats influences some aspects of personality development during this age. It is possible to apply the current study’s findings to the development and implementation of sustainable vertical housing policies.

High Rise, Lahore Urban Sprawl, and X-PM Khan’s Direct Instruction

As per expectations, high-rise structures in Pakistan are not available offering flats for sale in Lahore because over seas Pakistanis love to live in flats. It is only one aspect of the puzzle utterly dependent upon the marketplace. Other puzzle components are regulations that don’t allow the market to operate freely. The regulations for high-rises are complicated, and developing communities located far from cities is low-hanging fruit for developers. 

Regulations that cost a lot for developers can increase the cost for the end-users. These regulations do not encourage the construction of high-rise buildings and cause more city sprawl. Cities are expanding in ways that defy the logic of economics. In this article, we look at these two crucial problems.

There is a vast and ongoing debate about vertical growth in urban cities as well as horizontal sprawl. Vertical growth is when buildings are mixed-use and, theoretically speaking, have no height limits while still being close to the city’s core. Horizontal urban sprawl refers to cities that extend away from the city’s center, which means they are further away from it.

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has come up with new rules of business in two of its most essential documents, titled LDA Building and Zoning Regulations (2019) and LDA Land Use Rules (2019). 

According to Milton Freedman, one of the most common errors is evaluating policies and programs according to their intent rather than by the end result. It is impossible to judge intentions, and only the results are discussed in detail. But, two elements are crucial to planning, and one is to limit urban sprawl, and the other developers to provide parking.

The first step is to stop the sprawl of urban areas by offering flats for sale in Lahore. There is currently no boundary that is in place for Lahore City. In the past, attempts were considered to add Nankana Sahib, Kasur, and Sheikhupura to Lahore. The development authorities argue that the proposed laws were in place after consultation with the parties concerned based on the assumption that the current infrastructure doesn’t support the construction of high-rises. It is a classic case of a hen or an egg that is the first to be built, either infrastructure or tall construction. 

By stimulating societies, the government could depend on the revenue generated, employment, and the construction industry. Still, the long-term consequences can be detrimental to city life and the entire environment. For instance, LDA first gives NOC to a society that offers plots for sale in Lahore far from the city. 

After that, it provides the necessary road infrastructure such as a road for vehicles, sewerage, gas, electricity, etc. Thus, the vicious circle of communities away from the city’s center continues to flourish without checks. It is easy to count the tall buildings around us in Pakistan due to the lengthy procedure to obtain the required permits. There have been numerous attempts to make the process simpler, but the process isn’t enough.

The price of the urban sprawl is nearly double the expense of developing the inner city because, in the city center, most infrastructure is installed and has to be updated instead of constructing a whole new infrastructure. To consider the costs of outlying city sprawl, for instance, the Lahore Ring Road costs Rs. 35 billion. Will this amount be sufficient to improve the city’s central area to accommodate high-rise construction?

The most crucial infrastructure, in this case, includes sewerage lines, roads, water, and emergency response. Cities are only an engine for economic growth when urban sprawl is reduced. The policies of our urban areas have for a long time been to favor urban sprawl, primarily through disincentivizing density and high-rise construction.

So what the rule of law is suggesting is that you can drive around in your car and be in a remote area. The city authorities will offer you asphalt roads and parking spaces to park your cars in city centers. Let’s look at how this is degrading our city centers. Developers are required to offer parking for their customers at their expense, and it ultimately helps to pay for car parking. Who will pay for these expenses? The person who will use the space means increasing the entire project’s cost and making everyone contribute to it.

On the other hand, if our governments encourage tall buildings in the city’s center, the number of cars that people own will naturally decrease. If developers believe there’s an opportunity to profit from space for parking cars, they should analyze the market and charge the customer for the parking separately when offering flats for sale in Lahore.

If LDA must provide parking for cars, it must be charged for it. Since it is not a constitutional requirement, LDA could generate lots of revenue from parking charges. There are more than two million vehicles registered in Lahore. Let’s say that, on average, 40% remain at Lahore as well. LDA earns an average of Rs. 10 per day in parking fees; that’s enormous money.

Cities such as Lahore have been earning millions of dollars from parking revenue, and it’s not new. Thus, by paying parking fees, cars are likely to be reduced, and land developers will be more inclined to use the area better. Both of these issues could result in X-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wish to enhance the quality of life in Lahore through vertical living offering flats for sale in Lahore.

Vertical expansion is a directive from X-Prime Minister Imran Khan and has been cited multiple times. Over ten times, he has reiterated his desire to construct high-rises in Pakistan in the last month since he first tweeted, but the advancements are still not enough. The most considerable consensus at the roundtable was to end the urban sprawl, as PM Imran Khan is very concerned about the reduction of sprawl. 

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