Plots for Sale in Lahore

Low Price plot for sale in Lahore

Plots for sale in Lahore are verified and have flexible payment plans. Searching for plots in Lahore, you have come to right place.

Lahore is considered the capital city of the Province of Punjab and its major economic hub. It is renowned for its numerous opportunities in the financial sector in many areas.

Many travels from across the country to avail of these possibilities for employment or business opportunities, as well as residences.

The rising population in Lahore because of the influx of residents from other cities in Pakistan requires more space for residential homes and opens the way for developing new plots for sale in Lahore.

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Plots for sale in Lahore

Sizes of plots for sale in Lahore

Plot sizes can vary based on where the plot is located and from one colony or housing scheme to another.

For instance, the 10-marla plots at DHA Lahore typically measure 35 x 65 feet, similar to those at Bahria Town Lahore.

When converted in terms of size, that equates to 2275 feet. It translates to 252 square yards as well. In comparison, a 10-marla plot is 250 square yards, whereas a 2250 square foot plot is 250 square yards.

Plots for sale in Lahore

Types of Plots for sale in Lahore

There are two types:

  1. Commercial Plots
  2. Residential Plots

low price residential plots for sale in Lahore

Important tips to purchase

A buyer is always very selective regarding the plot they wish to purchase, regardless of whether it is an investment or a total purchase. Certain plots for sale in Lahore are ideal for investment and building homes, and others are not. Some buyers, however – mostly real estate agents – are looking for a place to build their home and overlook the aspects that can make a seemingly great plotless desirable.

Let’s look at some of the plots in a housing community that is thought to be good investments and why these plots are more expensive and likely to rise in value in the future.

Low price residential plots for sale in Lahore

Corner Plots

A plot situated on a street corner may have more land than the usual plot size in a community. Two entrances can approach the houses on corners. In private housing, the price for launching the corner plot is usually higher in cost, about 10% higher per year, to be exact. Although investors are always seeking corner plots, there are many reasons why I believe real buyers need to keep in mind how a corner property may at times impede your privacy and peace of mind.

Parking-facing Lotteries

The natural and lush view from the front and the possibility that there won’t be any structures directly in front of your house make plots for sale in Lahore with parks more desirable. Housing projects with parks that haven’t been sold to the secondary market are typically priced 10 to 15% higher than those without parks. 

In the view of some, a house in front of a park will receive greater pedestrian and vehicular traffic. An attractive green space in front of your house improves your home’s value.

Plots are located on major roads.

They could be on the secondary or the main market; the plots near the main road and wide lanes are usually more expensive. The rates differ depending on the developer and projects to projects.

However, the price variation is usually 10 percent. Main roads and wider laneways provide additional but temporary parking spaces in front of the house, making changing the car more convenient.

Plots that are situated near popular tourist attractions

A property close to a bustling commercial zone is not a good choice, but one close to it isn’t. Being close to the closest market can save you lots of trouble and fuel costs, which is why plots located near commercial buildings are generally more sought-after and therefore more expensive.

The value of great plots for sale in Lahore isn’t always evident until you know what makes a bad plot. So, I’ll be writing another article shortly to examine the plots that don’t appear to be worthwhile investment options within the property industry of Pakistan. Keep an eye on this.

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Tips to Buy Commercial plots for sale in Lahore

Here’s a comprehensive list of guidelines to follow when purchasing commercial plots in Pakistan:

  • Area Location and Budget
  • Topography and Design
  • Modifying Options
  • Litigation Problems

Commercial Plots for sale in Lahore


Before purchasing property for commercial use, the buyer should have a development plan or next step.

However, determining the location or area and setting a budget might seem obvious. Most buyers, however, don’t consider these details, resulting in a shaky business. 

  • Select areas that are accessible to all your stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and others. A person’s comfort and satisfaction are the most important things to me.
  • Space must be large enough to accommodate amenities that can help the company grow, such as parking, waiting areas, and common areas.

It can be challenging to find and select a location that is accessible to both potential customers and you. Pakistan’s property market has numerous investment opportunities and brokers to ensure you make the right decision. 


Have trouble understanding the impact adjoining landscapes and properties have on your business? Traffic to your establishment can be significantly impacted by the roads, landscapes, and buildings surrounding it.

The issue can be better understood by way of an illustration. To build an establishment on their commercial property, the buyer must assemble a large, secluded site, far from the noise and bustle of city life.

Although the food might be good, the eatery’s location will likely discourage people from visiting due to security and accessibility concerns.

Similar to supermarkets and retail stores, ones located in residential areas will do better than ones located in industrial areas since footfall is lower in the morning. A well-groomed area will attract many more customers and help businesses succeed.

Additionally, when considering topography, buyers should ensure that the property is not subject to natural disasters or other risks.

No one wants their property submerged under floodwaters; there is no doubt about that. A common example of this is flooding during heavy rains.

When purchasing land to use commercially in Pakistan, there are a few additional factors to consider:

  • Make sure you are aware of environmental issues, such as the condition of the soil
  • Verify whether or not the land can support underground construction
  • Verify whether there are mudflats and wetlands, as well as easements in the area
  • Verify that the location isn’t too shaded or welcoming to the sun.


Certain restrictions are imposed by the government when it comes to purchasing and remodeling commercial properties in Pakistan. You might need additional parking or other space for your business, so don’t assume you won’t need them.

To ensure this, the buyer must be aware of the future and anticipate any demands made by their customers or the company itself. Moreover, the business center you’re building should provide accessibility for disabled individuals, senior citizens, and people with disabilities.

The shop/restaurant/plaza must have an inclusive approach while maintaining an exclusive touch.

A business’ growth potential is also impacted by the overall state of the infrastructure within a region.

There are positive and negative outcomes. Additionally, projects like mass transit, similar businesses or those that compete, and other support services help you operate your business more efficiently and improve your return on investment and rental income.


A few legal differences must be considered when purchasing land for commercial purposes. You should expect your commercial property to be free of current or pending disputes and litigation when you purchase it. 

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